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Alleviates hormonal issues as well as cramps and hot flashes when applied to the abdomen.

Infused with ginger root, bistort root, skullcap, st johns wort, clary sage, lemon balm, cranesbill root, chamomile, chickweed, EV Olive oil, white beeswax, baobab oil, rose geranium, dong quai, cramp bark, black cohosh, ylan ylang , clary sage, fir balsma, cypress & CBD.

CBD Content:
100mg CBD/2oz


Main Herbal Ingredient:
Bistort is a natrual blood flow rectifier. It is useful to cure bleeding disorders whether internal bleeding or external bleeding. It is highly astringent in nature thatis helpful to prevent hemorrhages
from the lungs and stomach.

Sage: Modern day research into the herb’s properties has exposed what our predecessors knew all along: that the estrogenic properties of sage help to relieve the frequency and severity of menopause symptoms such as night sweats, hot flashes, and dizziness.

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